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Architecture for Art (AforA) brings together artists, architects, photographers, writers, museum goers, and all who share a passion for art, architecture, design, and the natural landscape.  Our aim is to inspire and connect lovers of art and architecture from around the world in order to create an affective - and effective - role for architecture at a crossroads with the arts.

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The Italian art collector, Giuseppe Panza, collected contemporary art for over 50 years. He was a visionary, a businessman, a father, a devoted husband, and to many of his artists, a great friend.   This film is not about his collection. It’s about a man’s lifelong search for something bigger than himself... something that was not defined by religion, philosophy, politics or the details of his everyday life.  His search led him to discover America, and a passion for American abstract art of the 1950‘s, 60‘s, 70‘s, 80‘s and 90’s.  Along with his wife, Panza collected over 2500 pieces of contemporary art that now live in some of the worlds finest museums.

This past year, Sarah Miller, our Director of Video Production, and I spent time researching, interviewing, traveling, writing and producing a fundraising trailer for the film.  We believe it was time well spent as we now have many fantastic interviews with Dr. Panza’s family, friends and colleagues including his wife, daughter, son, grandchildren, artists and curators of The Panza Collection.   We were also very lucky to have had the chance to interview Dr. Panza himself several years ago. Today, we will begin the long, hard journey of fundraising for the film that tells the story of Giuseppe Panza and his legacy.

Stay tuned for the films fundraising trailer coming soon.




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